Beat the Crowds and Let Loose with Cashless Payments


Festivals are known for their dizzying maze of queues for everything from entrance, food to drinks. Having to stay in the line for a long time is such a nuisance and waste of time. It could also sway the mood of the festival goers which makes it hard to improve the guest experience.

Cashless payments in music festivals is a trend that couldn’t be ignored and denied, as most of festival goers don’t want to have things in their pockets and prefer to have as little on them as possible. Now, festivals worldwide have moved to a new world of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system payment.

Offering new ways for festival goers to enter the venue, pay for merchandise, food and drinks, PouchNation introducing its NFC (near field communications) wristbands. Making purchases has never been easier or more convenient. Just by pre-loading the wristbands in advance and simply tap to pay for anything. NFC technology allows for secured stream of information in a secure environment. There should be no barrier to guests wanting to spend more if they wish to. This method can save a lot of headache and result in bigger efficiencies. By enjoying seamless payments with just a tap of the wrist, guests will no longer choose the vendors with the shortest line, but ones they crave the most. Say no more to carrying large amount of cash, hitting the ATM and risk of losing wallets.

This technology has empowered organizers to take a great stride in improving their event management by going fully cashless in order to increase sales, reduce the number of cash and card thefts, and make lines move faster. What else do we need other than a fast, convenient, and secure payment system? NFC wristband by PouchNation has it all. The guests can all beat the crowds, go wild and let loose.

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